Pelican Pointe Apartment Service Features

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You’re close to the Jacksonville International Airport which is a big advantage as a resident of Pelican Pointe Apartment. If you’re going to the airport, coming out of the apartment road, you can take the Pelican Pointe Apartment public transportation, as part of resident services.


You’ll never find any problem getting a bus along Dunn Avenue, since there are a number of bus stops, and it’s a walking distance away from your apartment. The 70 Beaches Trolley opens up the opportunity for you to dine, meet people, shop and enjoy the beaches for only $1.50 per trip. A part of Pelican Pointe Apartment service features.

The Pelican Pointe Apartment service features offers a practical way of handling payments for potential and actual residents who would want to avail of the apartments and who are busy in their schedules online payment is the only viable option. You can make rent payments online anywhere, even while you’re travelling and this process is part of Pelican Pointe Apartment service features.

The Pelican Pointe Apartment service features provide emergency access to basic wheelchairs for any resident who may need one within the Pelican Pointe premises where the wheelchair will be used.

Residents who look for an alternative in seeking an environment that is disable-friendly will find the Pelican Pointe Apartment service features the appropriate place to enhance an enjoyable living as a result of the assistance provided to them in terms of the wheelchair access, as well as access to immediate medical assistance in the community.

The Pelican Pointe Apartment service features provide technical support to all residents since the apartment and community amenities are designed to enhance livability and to become a pleasurable experience, to make apartment living functional and convenient for you.

In addition, you will enjoy the functional community features of the Pelican Pointe Apartment amenities that include: courtyard, laundry facilities access to transportation, online payment, among others.

The Pelican Pointe Apartment is north of Jacksonville proper and is near a number of landmarks within its area. The picturesque site consists of about 15 apartment building complexes laid out in a circular fashion with a small lake at the center.

Each large duplex cluster of apartments consists of the Studio type of apartment, the 1 bed, 1 bath and the 2-bed 1 bath apartments. Ample surface parking is available by the roadside close to the apartments. The clusters are designed to optimize Pelican Pointe Apartment service features.

You can come and see our community at Pelican Pointe, 1333 Dunn Ave Jacksonville, FL 32218 and we would be glad to tour you around. Our office hours are from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For directions you can call us at (904) 751-5353 now.


Author: pelicanpointeapts

If you are looking for a country atmosphere with city convenience, Pelican Pointe has it all! Your home is conveniently located just minutes from Jacksonville International Airport and Downtown! You'll find comfortable single story villa style homes with private fenced patios, attic storage, washer dryer connections and a private entrance. With outstanding management and staff, our residents are proud to call Pelican Pointe home. Call today to schedule a tour of our community! You'll be glad you did!

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